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When we think about our childrens education, we also need to think about what are the skills that they will need in their future when they are in their working years.

A lot of times we cannot look at the current job market requirements because in ten years many things could change. Especially with the advancement of technology, it would have change they way people work in ten years time.

…five years from now, over one third of skills (35%) that are considered important in today’s workforce will have changed.World Economic Forum

We need to teach our kids design thinking that nurtures both creativity and critical thinking around complex challenges. In that way, they can develop core skills for the future workplace.

Design thinking comprises three core approaches to education:

  • a shift toward interdisciplinary and collaborative learning
  • an alignment to student-centered and adaptive learning pathways
  • experiential learning

Design thinking aims to improve student’s empathy, their comfort with ambiguity and their ability to resolve conflicting ideas through solutions that are stronger than individual ideas.

Read the full article from World Economic Forum here

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