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Gamion Creative Learning is a provider of professional technology-based learning services that uniquely combines great instructional job-embedded expertise, innovative technology tools and well defined approaches that ensures sustained future professional growth and improved student learning.

For the past years, our primary focus has been improving teachers teaching skills and students learning ability to enable them compete with their peers around the globe.


Let us give your teachers and students personalized help. Our educators offer unmatched expertise in computer science education. We offer the most engaging approach to teach computer science in a fun and exciting way.

We are committed to revolutionizing computer science learning system

We train educators who are from different fields and have the heart for children and want to see them succeed

With our unique training packages schools don’t have to spend money to train again

We don’t believe computer science is all about coding, so we make the teaching fun, interactive and creative

Our educators share their working experiences with children, helping to explain real life situations in a more understandable manner

We are ready to help the kids monetize their work through participation in competition


With our expertise and unique educational approach, kids learn technological skills in a fun and creative way while building soft skills that are required by the future workforce.





industry experience


We have a team of experienced educators who are technically savvy from the financial, IT and HR industries with more than 10 years of experience. We are each proven success as instructional leaders in the content areas of specialty.


Our student development is always based on instructional and widely educative approaches that are greatly proven to improve student outcomes

Science Teacher


We use materials from code.org and MIT in construction of our program with innovative planning and professional conversations about individual needs that supports wider professional development planning.

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One Size DOES NOT Fit All.


Here’s where we’re different. We believe that “one-size-does not-fit-all” in professional learning. So you are taught based on your needs, which is an approach all too rare in education and it’s one that we have shown to produce consistent, high-quality results.

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