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Education Meets Creativity

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In fifteen years we’ll be teaching programming just like reading and writing . . . and wondering why we didn’t do it sooner.Mark Zuckerberg

We are always ready to give teachers and students the best of computer science!

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The tech industry is one of the few bright spots in a struggling economy. So why aren’t we teaching kids the skills they need to participate in it?

Technology is the future but there are big questions about whether our children will be able to take full advantage of the technological age they are about to enter. Put simply, we need to do a better job of preparing and educating our children so they do not get left behind.

There are some simple steps we need to take:

  • Computer science programs prioritised in schools
  • Skilled, knowledgeable and motivated teachers
  • A creative and engaging computer science curriculum

But there are barriers that need to be overcome, which is where Gamion can help.  Currently:

  • Many teachers lack the skills to create exciting and engaging courses
  • Many teachers lack the ability to teach computer science
  • There is a lack of resources to train teachers appropriately
  • Budgets and competing interests edge out computer science learning opportunities.
  • Some teachers lack the workforce perspective of computer science
  • Challenge of attracting and retaining teachers who are qualified to teach computer science.
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It is important that schools start teaching children computer science from as early as age 7 so that they can be prepared to innovate and create the new technologies that drive local and national economies. That is why Gamion is here to help schools get it right and catch them young.

Gamion is making it possible – with a game-changing approach – to prepare educated and motivated teachers who can empower students to be the best they can be. Gamion equips each teacher with modern technological knowledge they need to make an immediate difference in student learning. Gamion founders have spent their careers exploring the most effective techniques to both challenge experts  and introduce novices to the world of computer science

It’s time to give Wings to young wizards

Learning, if accompanied with fun can always be a great experience, especially for children who correlate with games and its characters, Gamion has transmogrified education and learning in a way that will inspire children to learn.


Due to technological advancement, kids with multimedia knowledge are a valuable asset. Incorporation of technology and discussion, these enhance kids’ intercultural understanding and communication. For example: allow children to experience diverse cultures; offer insights into universal life experiences; reveal differences and commonalities of cultures around the world.


The growing emphasis on companies on 3D modeling and 3D animation there is a great scope for our children to make a mark in this arena. Teaching them 3 D skills helps in enhancing their spatial skill which is in great demand in various industries.


Games have always been key area of interest for children and if it used as a learning platform it can help them learn how to strategize, manage complex tasks and team management; these skill sets lays the foundation of  strong social skills. Apart from learning social skills game creation helps in reducing stress and gaining knowledge about various cultures and practices.


We know the alarming situation of online security and safety. With more work going online and lesser trained professional to handle data security, there is a growing demand for professionals who are well-trained on internet security . Gamion emphasizes on building a pipeline of cybersecurity professionals. In order to do this we need to inculcate the natural instinct in children and one of the ways to do the same is by teaching hacking skills obviously by sticking to the ethics and accountability of work.


Education has become more developed and has new means to be imbibed by the students. The recent emphasis of educators is to introduce the mobile app creation which helps in better understanding of concepts, moreover, it increases the inquisitiveness in children and makes them decipher new ways to plan and execute.

We want to make sure we introduce students to materials and ways of thinking that will be both immediately useful in solving problems and a good foundation for future career development. Gamion believes that the more important aspect of computer science has nothing to do with programming of JAVA or C# or anything like that.

It has to do with the ability to ANALYZE and SOLVE PROBLEMS

It has to do with the ability to ANALYZE and SOLVE PROBLEMS – we believe that critical thinking, communication, collaboration, social skills and creativity are the keys to building a great nation and that is what we want to give to the teachers and students alike. Though computer science can be learned from scratch at the college level but early exposure is crucial to getting the full benefit.

Who should learn Computer Science?


Children as early as age seven should start learning Computer Science to begin development critical thinking and problem solving skills.

Fresh Graduates and Job Seekers

Only 5% of the companies believe that their fresh graduate employees are of very
good quality. Most look at collaborative skills, interpersonal skills and ability to think out of the box as attributes when hiring.

Improve employment opportunities by adding value added skills in ICT (Information and Communications Technologies). Find better opportunities in the technology world

Starting Own Business

No matter what type of business you are into, utilize technology to maximize the potential of your product and services. Computer Science will open up new avenues of getting in touch with the world.

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